Dental Supply Industry in the US; what’s the key takeaway for the future.

Posted on March 18, 2020

Dental Supply Industry in the US; what’s the key takeaway for the future.

The Dental Supply Market (Consumable Market) in the United States is a customer-oriented and competitive field in general. A recent report published in the Business Wire provides a deep insight into the demand, current trends of the market, future aspirations and micro and macro indicators in the United States. The qualitative and quantitative parameters set out by the Dental Supply Market in the US shows a brighter future. The same report shows the factors which are driving and also restraining the dental supply industry.

Mostly, dental supplies are referred to as dental equipment or tools that are used by dental professionals. Such tools are in place to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent difficulties and illness caused to teeth and other oral related health concerns. But such equipment doesn’t fill a dental office. When we enter a dental office we can see certain sophisticated systems working. This must include programmable patient chairs, dental imaging devices, and dental lasers as well as simple tools like mirrors, probes, retractors, and excavators. An increase in the number of the population in the US and advancements in technology results in the growth of this industry.

Major Factors that influence the Industry:

  • End-User: The key end-users of the Dental Supply market are mainly hospitals, dental clinics, diagnostic centers, and other dental related facilities. In hospitals and individual dental clinics, the machines or supplies are used to treat the illness of the patient, whereas in dental diagnostic centers, these products help to detect and diagnose unidentified causes of dental illness.
  • Market Dynamics: The growth of the global dental equipment market is restrained by certain factors like the high price of sophisticated dental equipment and lack of awareness in some regions. In the US, some influences are caused by the rise of the demand for dental equipment, especially the sophisticated ones. The numbers in the geriatric population, especially of those who are above 65 are indirectly or unknowingly helping the supply industry to grow. People of this age group are naturally prone to different dental conditions and requires frequent checkup. This way to accommodate the demand, hospitals and clinics need to purchase new and advanced pieces of equipment. Hence patients can have stress-free and painless dental procedures. Cosmetic dentistry and tobacco consumption may look like they don’t belong in the same category, but for the dental equipment supply industry, these two provide at the same level.
  • Market Segmentation: To segregate the market in the US, the first element to notice is the type of product, and then only comes the end-user and geography. Initially, as it said, taking the type of products alone, the market is normally segmented as systems and parts, laboratory machines, surgical equipment, imaging and laser devices, hygienic maintenance devices and therapeutic devices and others. Now coming to the end-user category, the market is frequently segmented as supplies intended to hospitals, dental clinics, dental diagnostic centers, and others.
  • Geographic Analysis: Geographically speaking, the places in which the industry has soared into is divided per continents and states. The Global Dental Equipment market is categorized into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. But comparing to other regions North American industry which is currently performing at its best, takes over most of the global market. They account for the largest share in the market, at present. But to keep in mind that factors such as increase in the number of population in Asia and Africa prevail over the US market. Also, the increasing using of tobacco and nicotine related products in the market is highly influencing the dental industry in general.

Having a generic view over the financial events in the supply market, we get to see the hike in revenue, concerning to other dental departments of the industry. There was total revenue of 18 billion dollars in the past year alone, seemingly a good rate. On an estimate, there were 1619 businesses overall in the US, which increases yearly. While taking a good look at the annual growth of the Dental Supply Industry we can witness the progress in the last 5 years, which is 2014 to 2019. The industry has grown at a rate of 4.7 % for the previous 5 business years. This boom in the financial outtake of the industry caused or helped the employment sector in the US. As per the reports from the last year suggests, there were roughly above 28,000 employees currently working in the field.

Now the digital advancements have completely taken over the Dental Laboratories in the US and also the Digital Dental Marketing in the US is skyrocketing, the Dental Supply Companies in the US have stepped up their game. Slightly, with different products in the market, the industry has taken a major step. With the help of e-marketing platforms, they started supplying the goods through the internet to the needed. Though some of the users still prefer the traditional market practices of physically seeing and buying the products, others have completely moved to online-buying methods. This helps to cut down some of the expenses and invest more time into other areas as well. In a way, it is safe to say that the industry is growing at a rapid speed and the next 5 business years is going to be crucial. Here is where the importance of PULPMARK comes. PULPMARK is an online platform for all dental venders to showcase the details of their works and get more leads from dentists in the US. There are hundreds of dental vendors listed in 23 categories, which we can call a complete dental vendors directory. In the dental supply companies category you can find details of dental care products manufacturers, dental product suppliers, dental traders & exporters and dental supply companies in US. Discover wide range of professional dental treatment products service providers and choose your best.