Compete Better; Ways to Improve Dental Patient Experience!

Posted on February 21, 2020

Compete Better; Ways to Improve Dental Patient Experience!

The US is a global center for Dental Marketing for the past few years. The current setting provides every Dental Provider in the US to attract more patients daily. If you are a dentist who is reading this, you should completely shift the paradigm to relate more to the Dental Patient Experience factor. Technological innovations are changing the face of healthcare management and patient care, but as a dentist, you have to stick more to the humane factors than relying on scientific advancements.

Your attitude towards positive customer experience reflects on the improvement of your Dental Clinic. To compete with other dental offices or continue as a regular option for patients in your locality, you must root for customer needs and their likes. This way you can understand Dental Patient Experience, and apply it for the future.

Dental Patient experience

As a dental practitioner, your skills and ability do not purely lie in medical performance, but also in maintaining proper communication with your patients. This impacts on their perception of your practice. Managing their perception is critical for your practice’s future. Providing your patient ethical, personalized, high-quality care tell them how important their presence is in your office. This way their oral health and their overall health are well accounted for.

Patients might have certain questions up their sleeves all the time. Like, what would they want and expect from a dentist or the entire team, how would the dental visit become a positive experience, and importantly what makes a willful return to the clinic possible? If these basics are covered then your dental practice is moving in the right direction to provide better Dental Patient Experience.

To develop and strengthen your relationship with the patients you have to be with them and know what they feel about. This increases your loyalty to them and they start to trust you. People then start to have a tight personal bond with you. This makes them feel as if the dentist cares about them. The basics of any business relate to customer engagement and dentistry especially depends on this.

How to engage your customers?

  • Be curious about who walks through the door. Get to know them, their likes, dislikes, their attitude towards a positive life, oral or dental knowledge and such. It is better to establish this connection between your client, so you can understand them and serve them better.
  • Be socially available. These days you have all the platforms on the internet and whatnot, to check on your clients and have a live conversation with. This is not to be mistaken by being available at all the places, but be ready when they need it.
  • Listen to your audience. Adapt to this skill positively and be better at listening to your client. Clarify their misconceptions and answer all their queries.
  • Keep the conversations going and engagement flows. You can use the best use of Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Make videos answering questions and mention the names of clients in the videos. Leave them space to comment on your video, guide them through certain medical policies and procedures. Allow them to ask questions under your videos.
  • Make your team participate too. As the captain of the ship, it’s not just your task to drive forward. You need to include your entire team in the client engagement process. Your team can propose certain prospects and accept them with an open mind and construct a new relationship with customers.
  • Create a friendlier and welcoming atmosphere for patients, fix photos of the patients and kids and their family, celebrate occasions as well, this feels like home for the patients. Educate the patients on the latest technologies and trends. Also, show them the symptoms and possible diseases if they don’t care much about their teeth.

Dealing with your customers in the office is important. Like the last point mentioned above under the engaging activities, your office must be always welcoming. Take your dental waiting room for example. You can make the intake process easy for the customers. Allow your staff to attend the customers and answer their questions; help them to fill out forms (new and old customers). This makes them feel they are not queued up to see the dentist. You can put-in check-in kiosks and interactive displays to make them more engaged.

Drawing inspiration from display boards and interactive videos, you can control over the waiting times as well. Most of the patients will get frustrated after long hours of waiting. Cut down their time by entertaining them, you can play movies; keep magazines, fun little board games for children and opening up a cafeteria to have a go at snacks. You can provide free-Wi-Fi and allow them to stream their favorite content on their cellphones and iPads. By following this you can ease patient anxiety by creating a relaxing environment.

Finally, to conclude, the entirety of the subject deals with improving Dental Personal Experience and this is not just the concern of a dentist. Only the first half of the task can be done by a dentist, and the other half should be played by the client itself. But the dentist can help them take better care of themselves. Before the patient leaves from your dental office educate them on maintaining oral health. Explain to them about Dental insurance and the significance of it. This is the main part of your job, as a dental provider. You can exchange your professional contact details and also your non-professional contact too. This can lead to better healthcare outcomes.

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